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Design & Drafting


We have a fully qualified in-house design team ready to work together and start drafting your vision. With over 42 collective years in design, it's no surprise that we are best in class for what we put out.

When the project initially comes in and the client describes what is needed, our team of designers and sales representatives sit down together to draft drawings. We design with final assembly in mind, so any part or product can be created from the cutting process all the way to final delivery and installation.



Our highly qualified team of designers sit down and overview to approve the final product with the client. If any further details regarding the final product are addressed, we go over them in detail in this meeting. We do this to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the client is happy with our final draft.

Client approval of drawing


Once the final design is approved, we make sure to go through the landlord, homeowners association or architectural review committee to ensure that there are no problems when installing the final product.



After we get the green light from the landlord, HOA, and ARC, we need the final okay from the Houston permits department so we can begin machining and fabricating your vision into a reality.

Approval from the city


Finally, we release the final project into production. Our project manager then makes sure everything runs smoothly through the next steps, and updates the client with photos to show the stages of fabrication for a seamless process.


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